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Patient Testimonials

I never understood when people threw their backs out. Until it happened to me! I didn't know what to do! Then a very good friend suggested that I visit Caudell Chiropractic. I was nervous at first, but figured it was worth a try. Within a couple of visits I was back to normal!

During my first visit Dr. Glenn Caudell did X-rays and found a very old injury from when I was in High School. I had been in a car accident that caused a significant injury to my neck. For the last 25 years I had suffered from migraines, stiff neck and considerable pain. It was difficult to raise my arms above my head, or to even turn my head at times. After awhile you just get used to living with pain. The first time Dr. Glenn adjusted my neck I was very unsure. As I got in my car to leave I realized that I could turn my head much farther that I had been able to for YEARS!

I visit Caudell Chiropratic every month to keep my spine adjusted. But the best part is after I leave I feel like I have had a mental adjustment as well. I leave with a spring in my step and a smile on my face, all thanks to Dr. Glenn and all the staff at Caudell Chiropractic.

Jackie Firavich

Do You Have a Maintenance Plan?

It is quite amazing to me how often I run into people who think getting an oil change on their car/truckllawnmower/motorcycle is the only necessary maintenance their expensive hard working machine needs. And when the equipment is finally brought in to be serviced it is a month overdue and usually has other things wrong with it. Chances are, the same person does not regularly see a good chiropractor, eats fast food often, and thinks being at work is enough exercise. I am neither a medical doctor nor a nutritionist but I am a double master certified mechanic and a vocational high school and college teacher who understands proper maintenance. I teach in the Transportation Industry; covering Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology, Small Engine Repair, Motorcycles and Marine engines, and I have a couple of things to share about maintenance; it must be performed regularly and it must be done by a highly trained individual.

The equipment we operate and enjoy on a daily basis has similar functions as do our bodies. They each have a mechanical frame with electrical circuitry. They have many internal and external parts and overall have many needs. Good fuel is required in each to get optimum performance and finally, they require deliberate regular examinations, by a qualified person if the owner wants to get the most out of their investment. At regular intervals service will need to be performed on each and sadly this is where the care falls short with individuals, they do not follow through with the tune-ups. The reasons I have heard why people do not bring in their lawnmower or car for a tune-up is, they forgot or they say it sounds okay or they say "when it breaks down I'll bring it in." I know many people treat their health this way too. The saying, "An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure" is true indeed! A tune-up and inspection on a regular basis affords quality operation and longevity to an internal combustion engine as well to our bodies. Regarding our personal care, no excuse should be big enough to prevent obtaining the attention our complex machine needs, when it needs it. How much is your health worth? A little prevention can go a long way greatly increasing the quality of your life. This testimonial is not intended to criticize anyone but it has been written to encourage others to seek out a qualified Doctor of Chiropractic for better health.

I have been visiting Caudell Chiropractic for several years now and when I was x-rayed at my first visit, it was discovered that I had three curves in my spine; at my neck, lower back and the center of my spine. I also learned that I did not have the natural curve in my neck, it was straight, not comfortably allowing suspension or absorption from the weight of my head, causing great discomfort at times and I could not explain it. The curve at the center of my spine was so bad that when it was "out," it would cause a couple of ribs to compress restricting one lung and preventing me from gaining a deep breath. I know this because after my initial adjustment I could breathe better instantly, it really was a miracle. I am not sure what caused the abnormal curve and neck condition, but thank God, my spine is getting straighter and straighter with each passing year. As time passes it goes out less frequently and at a lesser degree. Today, my neck has regained the correct curve, my upper and lower spinal curves are now straight and the center curve is more than half way correct, and this occurred because of regular visits and some stretching exercises. I am additionally thankful for this because I very much enjoy working out.

Again, I thank God for this natural drugless type of prevention and treatment, it is significantly more efficient than drug prescriptions, surgeries and countless doctor visits which would only mask the root problem. I understand everyone's present state of health is different today but certainly you can be on your way to substantial results by simply beginning chiropractic adjustments. Now this goes beyond making an appointment, it begins with a decision to have a maintenance plan. My health plan is seeing Dr. Caudell regularly, eating nutritiously and exercising as much as my schedule will allow. What is your maintenance plan, if you have one? Do you want to increase the quality of your health? Then make a maintenance plan today!

Damon Friend

I first visited Caudell Chiropractics when I was 18 years old. Working two physical jobs landscaping and waiting tables was wearing on my body and my arms kept tingling and falling asleep. My parents recommended I see their chiropractor, Dr. Glenn Caudell. Dr. Glenn diagnosed the problem, a pinched nerve, and with a few adjustments and a stretching regimen the tingling was gone. I continued to see Dr. Glenn throughout college to maintain my adjustments and keep pain away. However, I also noticed I didn’t get as sick as my roommates and friends – quite a feat when you live in such close dorm/apartment quarters!

Thirteen years later, I still see a chiropractor monthly to maintain my health and relieve migraines (without drugs!) that developed a few years ago. While I live too far away to see Dr. Glenn now, several of my family members continue to see him and I credit Caudell Chiropractics for bringing the benefits of drug free health into my life.

Kim Strazisar

Dr. Glenn Caudell and all the other doctors and staff are the people you need to see when you are having back pain or back problems. They have always been there for me whether I was in extreme pain or just coming in to get an adjustment to stay in shape.

Dr. Glenn and his staff are consummate professionals and have always accomplished anything I have asked of them.

If you are having back problems, Dr. Glenn and his staff are the people you need to see.

All the best,
Jim O’Connor

In my younger days, I thought I’d never go to a chiropractor. My husband would go pretty regularly, but I wasn’t interested in having my back and neck manipulated – ugh! Actually, it probably scared me more than anything.

About 15 years ago my family and I had a great day at Cedar Point. I love the rides, especially the roller coasters. One of the last rides I went on was the Magnum. Back then it was the tallest, fastest roller coaster in the world at 205 feet tall with top speeds of 72 miles per hour. When I got off, OMG, I knew I was in trouble. I have had episodes of back pain in the past, but nothing like this – I could barely walk.

Drugs and physical therapy had worked in the past, but I knew I had to do something fast. The next day, my husband took me to see his doctor, Dr. Glenn. I was scared, but Dr. Glenn was so gentle with me, it made my first chiropractic experience almost pleasant. I had to see Dr. Glenn pretty regularly after that, until the pain went away. I’ve always said that Dr. Glenn saved my life.

My husband and I even encouraged our three teenagers to see Dr. Glenn and he helped them with their neck/back pain and headaches.

With my disc problems, I try to see Dr. Glenn at least once a month for “maintenance.” There are a lot of months I miss, but Dr. Glenn doesn’t give me a hard time, when I come back. Everyone at Caudell Chiropractic is very friendly and helpful.

Thanks Caudell Chiropractic!!!

Patti O’Connor